MINE just performed in Plum Yard

T.I.T.S. performed 12th October 2018 on festival MALA INVENTURA in regions in České Budějovice – in Plum Yard, all organized by Kredance&Nová Síť, supported by Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Thank you all for your support-powers ❤

Photo by Jun Wan Kim IMG_5954

Photo by Jun Wan Kim, from Studio Alta, Praha

Read more here: kredance.cz or malainventura.cz/2018


MINE at Mala Inventura in Prague

We are very happy we could present our piece to presenters and audience at MALA INVENTURA 2018 in Prague at magical time 22.2. at 22:00 ❤ Check it out:

festival Mala Inventura 2018

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 21.11.37

And we are even more happy for the support of Nová Síť, STIKK and Kulturradet that made it possible.

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